Newsletter 10th May

Covid Update
Please continue to adhere to public health guidelines and thank you for your cooperation. A Department of Education inspection last week found that we are doing everything we can to reduce the risk of transmission within the school. There is steady progress being made on the vaccine front and our grandparents and older fmaily members are being protected. Think for a moment however about all the pupils, their parents and the school staff (roughly 500 people). Almost none has been vaccinated yet. While the risks of serious health consequences are lower in younger age groups, the risk of disruption to the school (through enforced absences) remains. We have come so far this year with minimal disruption; let’s see it through to the end of the school year. Thanks again.

It feels like the school has been running in black and white this year. So much of our time and energy continues to be focused on just keeping things running safely. A little colour is returning with rugby and football coaching resuming for some classes. We are hoping to resume swimming and many other activities in the autumn if we continue to suppress the virus.

Unfortunately it looks like First Communion will not take place until the autumn. There is an outside chance of Confirmation taking place in June, but it is unlikely. If there is any update we will let you know immediately.

Táimid fós ag déanamh iarracht níos mó Gaeilge a úsáid i rith an lae. We’re trying to use a little more Irish during the day. Listen to some of our efforts. Bainigí triail as!

Enrolments are completed for next year. If you know of anyone who hasn’t contacted us or may be moving to the area, please let us know immediately, thank you.

Smart Devices
A reminder that phones, tablets etc. are not necessary for children during the day. In exceptional circumstances if they need to be brought, they must be turned off and handed to the class teacher in the morning.

Orders will soon be taken for September, we aim to organise it online. Details to follow.