6th class retreat to Glendalough

On Thursday 14th June, 6th class went on a spiritual retreat to Glendalough, Co. Wicklow. We took part in a pilgrimage around the valley and lakes with Fr. Pat and Sr. Margaret. Afterwards, Fr. Shelly said mass under a tree. We really enjoyed the trip. Here are some things we learned…

St. Kevin was a monk who set up a monastery in Glendalough. This year, celebrates the 1400th year since his death – Laura

The round tower is standing for over 1000 years. -Erick

One of the monasteries had a sanctuary cross on the stone wall and there was a church just for women. – Mackenzie.

When St. Kevin was praying a black bird landed on his hand and he didn’t want to disturb the bird so he left it there. The bird laid an egg and he waited for it to hatch.  It took 42 days. – Alan

The lower lake is known as The Lake of Healing or Monster Lake. St. Kevin is said to have met a monster there and he tamed it. We released the “monsters” inside us into the lake by letting the water flow through our hands. – Anna

St. Kevin was taking care of an orphaned baby. He had no milk to feed him so he prayed to God. A deer came down from the hills and St. Kevin milked it into a hollow in a stone, now called the ‘Deer Stone’. – Mikey

We all prayed for those who are suffering by placing our hand on a high cross. – Amy