Newsletter 29th March

Well done to the pupils of 6th Class on making their Confirmation last Saturday. A big thank you to everyone who played a part in preparing them and for making the ceremony a special occasion.

Quiz Teams
Well done to our four quiz teams who made it through to the final of the St. Abban’s Quiz. They may not know all the answers but they obviously know lots of them!

Uniform Matters
We’re all proud of our school and our uniform and we have been making an extra effort this week to ask the pupils to wear theirs. There has been a big improvement so well done and thank you all.

If you have a genuine reason why your child can’t wear their uniform on a particular day, just let their teacher know and we will be understanding if it is an exception.

A reminder that our uniform is as follows:
Green jumper/cardigan, white shirt, grey trousers/skirt/pinafore.

Our tracksuit is available through the school and is to be worn with a white polo shirt on P.E. days only. Replacement navy legs (plain only) may be purchased in any shop. In warm weather, plain navy shorts of an appropriate (knee) length may be worn. Grey, tailored knee-length shorts with the main uniform are also acceptable. Football shorts etc. are not acceptable. We recommend practical footwear, preferably in a dark colour.

The use of hair dye is not permitted during term time and we encourage pupils to tie up their hair. Earrings should be neat (no large loops etc.) and fake nails or nail extensions are not permitted. We discourage the wearing of other jewellery for health and safety reasons and because it can get lost or damaged.

Here are examples:

Standard Uniform:


Warm Weather:

Standardised Tests
These will take place in the last term for pupils in 1st – 6th classes. It is important to note that they are not exams; they help us to track your child’s progress and to inform us how the children in our school are progressing generally. Teachers gather information about your child’s learning all the time and these tests are part of that process.

Spelling Bee Champion!
Congratulations to Devin McEvoy on winning the Laois section of the Spelling Bee Competition. He will represent Laois in the Leinster final which will take place in May. The best of luck Devin!

Super Stars Summer Camp
As in previous years, our fun-filled activity camp (run by teachers) will take place from Thursday 29th June – Wednesday 5th July. Details to follow.

Seachtain na Gaeilge
Bhaineamar taitneamh as na gníomhaíochtaí éagsúla a bhí againn i rith Seachtain na Gaeilge. Féach ar Instagram: ballylinanns

Inside Out Day
The Amber Flag initiative is run by Pieta House which recognises the efforts of schools (and other organisations) to create healthy, inclusive environments that support mental wellbeing. Inside Out Day aims to raise awareness of children’s mental health and to remind us that how someone looks on the outside doesn’t always reflect how they are truly feeling on the inside. We are asking our pupils to wear something inside out this Friday.

Cake Sale
We will be holding our Cake Sale tomorrow, Thursday 30th March, in the school. All proceeds will go to UNICEF and Pieta House. See separate notice on Aladdin for more details.

We will close for the Easter holidays this Friday, 31st March at 12:15 for Infants and 12:30 for all others. We reopen after Easter on Monday, 17th April.

Newsletter 9th March

Enrolments 2023/24
The window for enrolment for the coming school year has now closed. Applications from now on will be treated as late applications. Please contact the school immediately if you are aware of any other possible enrolments for the coming year.

School Calendar
These are now sold out – thank you for your support as always.

Wellbeing Week
All pupils were involved recently in activities to promote wellbeing in our school and in our lives generally. Keep an eye out for photos on our Instagram account. The handle is ballylinanns .

School Tours
These will take place in the summer term as usual. We are doing our best to keep costs down, though we are reminding you now so that you can budget well in advance for the expense.

Offer a Home Programme
The ‘Offer a Home’ programme is being managed by local authorities on behalf of Government to support use of properties that are not currently in use to those fleeing war in Ukraine who need a safe and secure place to stay. Tap here for more information .

Change of Phone or Address?
IMPORTANT: If your contact details have changed recently, please contact the school immediately. Thank you.

You may have heard that I will be retiring at the end of this school year. I have many people to thank for a very happy time in Ballylinan and will have a chance to do so between now and the end of June.

Upcoming Dates
School closed next week on Thursday 16th and Friday 17th March (we close at the normal times on Wednesday 15th). Confirmation will be on Saturday, 25th March. We will close for the Easter holidays at 12:15 for Infants and 12:30 for all others on Friday, 31st March. Reopening after Easter on Monday, 17th April.

St. Patrick’s Day
On Wednesday next week pupils may wear something green if they wish to mark St. Patrick’s Day.

Thank you for your support as always,

John Threadgold