Newsletter 16th January

Happy New Year
All the best for 2023 to all our pupils and their families.

Parents Association
A big thank you to our parents association for helping out during or carol service before Christmas.

Uniform Matters
A reminder that our uniform is as follows:
Green jumper/cardigan, white shirt, grey trousers/skirt/pinafore.

Our tracksuit is available through the school and is to be worn with a white polo shirt on P.E. days only. Replacement navy legs (plain only) may be purchased in any shop. In warm weather, plain navy shorts of an appropriate (knee) length may be worn. Grey, tailored knee-length shorts with the main uniform are also acceptable. Football shorts etc. are not acceptable. We recommend practical footwear, preferably in a dark colour.

The use of hair dye is not permitted during term time and we encourage pupils to tie up their hair. Earrings should be neat (no large loops etc.) and fake nails or nail extensions are not permitted. We discourage the wearing of other jewellery for health and safety reasons and because it can get lost or damaged.

Here are examples:

Standard Uniform:


Warm Weather:

Grandparents Mass
As part of Catholic Schools Week (and for the first time in three years), we will hold a mass for grandparents in Ballylinan church on Wednesday, 25th January at 12:30 p.m., with an invite to visit the school afterwards. More details to follow.

Smart Devices
A reminder that smart watches, phones, tablets etc. are not necessary for children during the day. In exceptional circumstances if they need to be brought, they need to be turned off and handed to the class teacher in the morning.

First Confession
Children in 2nd Class will make their first confession in Ballylinan church on Tuesday night, 24th January.

Preschool Places
Contact Siobhan Lacey at 083 – 390 0533 or email if you have any queries.

Admissions (Enrolment) 2023/24
Applications to enrol are being accepted until 3 p.m. on Friday, 3rd February 2023. Please complete this form if you wish to enrol your child for the 2023/24 school year.

Any applications after that date will be considered as late enrolments.

The school will contact you in due course with further details. When your child has been enrolled, additional information will be required.

School Calendar
These have arrived later than usual so we’re only charging €5 per calendar this year or – even better – 3 for €10. There are some photos of all the children and it would make a nice gift for someone. First come, first served! Please pay via the Aladdin app. or contact the school. Thank you.