Newsletter 9th November

Halloween Hike
It was great to see parents on our recent hike! Thankfully the weather was kind on the day and a great time was had by all. There were some wonderful homemade costumes! A total of €3,680.80 was raised. Thank you all very much for your wonderful support as always.

Online Presence
We are also reviewing our online presence with a view to better communicate what goes on in the life of the school. If you would like to comment or make suggestions, all views are welcome at . Thank you.

First Communion 2023
There will be a meeting for all 1st Communion Parents on Wednesday, 16th November in Arles Parish Hall at 7.30pm. (First Communion will take place on Saturday 13th May at 11 o’clock. First confession will be on Tuesday 24th January at 7:30 p.m.)

Táimid ag déanamh iarracht níos mó Gaeilge a úsáid i rith an lae. We’re trying to use a little more Irish during the day. Déanann na páistí sár-iarracht ar scoil. The children make a great effort at school. Why not have a go at a cúpla focal at home? Bainigí triail as! Or try even one word – sláinte – which means health. Instead of using “cheers’ etc., why not use our Irish word “sláinte“? In a toast, it means “good health to you.”

School Rules
We are reviewing our school rules with the aim of making them simpler and clearer. Here are our draft rules:
1. We are kind and helpful
2. We are honest
3. We are gentle
4. We work hard
5. We listen
6. We look after property
You are welcome to comment at . Thanks again.

Parent-Teacher Meetings
These will take place on the afternoons of Tuesday 22nd and Thursday 24th of November. More details to follow shortly.

As mentioned before Halloween, teachers are required to undertake inservice on the revised primary language curriculum. The next session will be next Monday afternoon (14th November). School will finish for all pupils at 12:30 (12:15 for infants) on the day.