Newsletter 30th November 2020

Advent Friends
Last Sunday was the first Sunday of Advent. As in previous years, each child in the school will be allocated an “Advent” or “special” friend in the lead up to Christmas.  We are asking that children should be particularly kind to the person without letting them know that they have been chosen. No cards or gifts are required; the pupils will make cards in school.

Advent Wreath
We marked the beginning of Advent by lighting the first candle on our Advent wreath.

No Presents Needed
While teachers like to receive presents at Christmas and children like to give them there is absolutely no need and no one should feel under any pressure in this regard – and this was before the virus! Continuing to work well in school would be a great present though, a gift that would keep on giving not only to the receiver but also to the giver! As has been the custom in recent years we also ask children to refrain from giving cards to classmates as the volume of cards and envelopes generated is extraordinary. They may give one to their Advent Friend under the guidance of the class teacher.

Virus Update
Though some restrictions are being lifted during December, please continue to practise physical distancing, hand washing etc. as much as possible. We have had minimal disruption in the school so far and we are very anxious to keep it that way. Thank you all.

Latest HSE Advice
When should you keep your child at home?

Síle Graham RIP
Some of the current pupils and staff (who were themselves former pupils) formed a distanced guard of honour recently as the funeral of Síle Graham passed the old school where she worked for many years. Ar dheis Dé go raibh a hanam dílis.

Contact Details
Please make sure that we have up-to-date contact details for you. This is particularly important if you need to be contacted during the pandemic. Thank you.

Our Food Appeal
Every day in Ireland thousands of families struggle to put food on the table. This year in particular we know that there is a great pressure on people. However, this Christmas Ballylinan National School would like to continue to help in a small way by having a food appeal on Tuesday 8th December. We would ask the children from each class to bring in the following food items listed below. It is entirely up to each family how much they would like to contribute and every item counts. We would particularly like to see the children themselves contributing towards the appeal. This could be achieved through the use of pocket money or taking part in the choosing and shopping for the item. We have chosen the following charity: “Heart to Hand” is a non- profit organisation that provides food to homeless shelters, soup kitchens, breakfast centres, homes for distressed families & many more deserving organisations around Ireland. In doing so, those organisations save thousands of Euros from their food bill, which eases the burden of fundraising and enables them to provide other vital services to people in need. If you or a family you know would benefit from a hamper this year, please contact Ms. Goff: Please be advised that any enquiry will be handled discreetly and in the strictest confidence.

Junior /Senior Infants : Pasta/Noodles/rice

First/Second Class : Packet of Biscuits /Coffee

Third/Fourth Class : Tins of any food such as peas/soup/creamed rice/fish

Fifth/Sixth Class : Toiletries – toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap,shower gel, shampoo etc.

Tubs of Sweets or selection boxes are also appreciated.
Many thanks for your ongoing support.

Cén Bia is Fearr Leat?

Amhrán le Seomra 7…

Cén Bia is Fearr Leat?
Is fearr liom glasraí.
Cén Bia is Fearr Leat?
Is fearr liom glasraí.
Cabáiste, cairéid is pónairí.
Cén Bia is Fearr Leat?
Is fearr liom glasraí.

Cén Bia is Fearr Leat?
Is fearr liom torthaí.
Cén Bia is Fearr Leat?
Is fearr liom torthaí.
Úlla, piorraí is oráistí.
Cén Bia is Fearr Leat?
Is fearr liom torthaí.

Mo Theachín Beag Deas

Dán á léamh ag Ruby agus Davin…

Mo Theachín Beag Deas

Tá teachín beag deas
Ar an mbóthar úd theas.
Agus crainn ina thimpeall
Is fothain is teas.

Is níl áit sa domhain
Arbh fhearr lion bheith ann,
Ná sa teachín beag cluthar
Ansiúd ‘measc na gcrann.

Ní mór é le rá
Mar níl sé ró-bhreá,
Ná fairsing istigh ann
Ná leathan ná ard.

Ach leis sin go léir,
Níl pálás faoin spéir
Ab fhearr liom ná tusa,
Mo theachín beag féin.

Micheál Mac Donnchadha