PARENT/TEACHER MEETINGS:  The annual meetings will be held on Tuesday November 24th & Thursday November 26th (3.15 pm. – 5.45 pm.).  As usual the times will be allocated alphabetically (surname) to facilitate parents who need to see more than one teacher.  If it is not possible to attend at the indicated time please contact the class teacher to rearrange.

Ms. Farrell (5th class) will not be meeting parents at this time.              

                     Tuesday Nov. 24th                          Thursday Nov. 26th

                    A/B           3.15 – 3.45                  L/M           3.15 – 3.45

                   C/D/E       3.45 – 4.15                  N/O           3.45 – 4.15

                   F/G/H       4.15 – 4.45                  P/Q/R         4.15 – 4.45

                   I/J/K          4.45 – 5.15                  S – W         4.45 – 5.15

 PARKING:  On the days of the parent/teacher meetings the overflow car park (junior play area) will be open.  Please reverse into parking position and drive out for safety reasons.

HOMEWORK CLUB: The homework club will operate as usual.

TIN WHISTLE:  The Thursday group will move to Wednesday.

ART:  The final piece of our art project was put in place on Monday in the entrance hall.  Thanks to Sinéad Bride and Ms. Cotter for all their work throughout the various phases of the project.

BOARD OF MANAGEMENT:  The parents nominees for the Board of Management 2015-2019 will be Eithne Sourke and Frank Shanahan.  There was a huge poll and thanks to everyone for returning their votes.  Our gratitude to all candidates who allowed their names to go forward.

ANTI-BULLYING TRAINING:  There was a very good attendance at the training last Thursday night.  It was a very informative evening and a strong message went out, “do not suffer in silence!”

FIRST COMMUNION 2016:  Mass will be celebrated next Monday, November 23rd for the children, their parents and friends.  Please note, assemble in the old school from 7.20 pm – 7.30 pm.