Junior Infants Starting

We are looking forward to – finally – meeting you and your children on Thursday, 27th August. It will be a memorable start for us all and our aim is to make it as calm and enjoyable as possible for the children. Once in the door and settled down, they will be immersed in their world and you will be able to draw breath (at least for a little while).

To ensure that you can come to school with a minimum of hassle on what will be an extremely busy morning, we will have two separate starting times. This will be for the first two days only. We have not previously done this, but it is necessary this year because of Covid restrictions.

You have been informed by text which group your child is in:
Group 1            9:45 – 11:45      (inc. short break)
Group 2           12:15  – 2:15      (inc. short break)

Unfortunately, the restrictions mean that we cannot allow parents to enter the classroom with the children on their first day. However, we have made the following arrangements to make things as easy as possible:

After you (two adults maximum) arrive at the school, please bring your child to the rear door at the Athy end (as you face the building, walk around the back to the right hand side). There will be a staff member to guide you.

Mr. Threadgold will be at the outside door to welcome you.

You may bring your child into the school and to the door of the classroom where the teacher will welcome your child into the room.

You must leave immediately or the next group won’t be able to enter. If your child is very reluctant, you will be guided to a place where you can have another try! The children usually settle really well and while it’s completely normal for there to be one or two tears, these pass very quickly. They can be collected at the appropriate time from the same outside door.

From the following Monday 31st August until Wednesday 9th September inclusive, all Junior Infants will start at 9:30 and finish at 12:15.

We look forward to meeting you at either 9:45 or 11:45 next Thursday. It is important that you arrive and collect on time. Make sure you remember the start and collection times for your group:
Group 1            9:45 – 11:45
Group 2           12:15  – 2:15

Until then, do take care and follow public health advice.