School Reopening (Update 20th August)

Arrival & Departure*
School will reopen for all pupils on Thursday, 27th August.
Morning arrival times are being extended.

Your child may arrive at any time between 9:00 and 9:30.
Collection times will be as normal.
We strongly recommend that parents use face coverings. We must all play our part.

More details will follow.

Coming Inside
The children will not assemble on the yard. On arrival they will enter the building through their designated entrance, sanitise hands on entering and go straight to their classrooms.
They will be supervised at each stage.
Once in their classroom, they will be in their ‘bubble’.
They will stay safe in this bubble (inside and outside) until they go home.

In General
Do not send your child to school if you think they are sick.
If you or your child have any common symptoms of COVID-19, you should self-isolate and phone your GP straight away to get a test.
Uniforms are to be worn as normal.
There is no advice to schools to the contrary. It may be helpful to take them off when your child gets home and to wash and air them as often as possible.
Homework has been paused for the month of September.
This to reduce transfer of materials between home and school. We intend to introduce homework as time goes on.
P.E. will take place outside.
Risk is lower outdoors and lessons can take place as weather allows.

*Different arrangements will apply for Junior Infants for the first two days. These parents will receive separate communication on Friday 21st with more details.

We are in this together. Our safe behaviour helps children from spreading the virus and your safe behaviour helps the school to open and stay open. There will be more updates next week. Thank you for your cooperation.

You must follow public health advice.