School Reopening (Update 19th August)

Dear Parents,

We are working hard on procedures that aim to keep us all safe from the virus while keeping things as normal as possible and minimising the impact on your daily routines. More detailed information on our plans will be published on this website tomorrow. In the meantime I wish to ask two things of you:

  1. We are a community and we are in this together. In school, our safe behaviour helps to reduce the risk of spreading the virus through the children to the adults that they have close contact with. Your safe behaviour means the school can reopen and stay open. It is very important that you follow public health advice.
  2. We have the task of organising the safe return to school of almost three hundred people each day. We ask you to show patience, understanding and courtesy particularly for the first few days while we all get used to our new ways of doing things.

With the great community spirit and positive attitude of so many of you, we are expecting that your child’s return to school will go well.

More details to follow. Thank you all.