Staying on Track 1

Suggested Work for Pupils
Wednesday 25th March – Friday  27th March*

We hope you got on OK with this week’s work and well done if you made the time to do it! Next week’s work will be ready for you here on Monday morning. Be good for your parents, they love you very much!

Ms. Butler (Junior Infants)
Ms. Twomey (Senior Infants)
Ms. Cunningham (Senior Infants)
Ms. Cunningham (1st Class)
Ms. Brennan (2nd Class)
Ms. Murphy (2nd Class)
Ms. Murphy (3rd Class)
Ms. Goff (3rd Class)
Ms. Goff (4th Class)
Ms. Hogan (4th Class)
Mr. Dowling (5th Class)
Ms. Lacey (5th & 6th Class)
Ms. Sukprasert (6th Class)

What about writing a journal?
Look for animals in Dublin Zoo.
Do you want to make your own chess set?


*This work is to keep your child on track.

Parents should not feel under pressure to ensure work is completed.
It can’t replace the school day.
New work will be posted here at the beginning of each week.

Please take good care of rented books; they will be needed for others.
We wish all our families well and hope to see you again as soon as possible.