Newsletter 16th October 2019

Important Dates
First Penance                Thurs.   13th February      7:00 p.m.
Confirmation                Sat.       21st March        11:00 a.m.
First Communion          Sat.      23rd May           11:30 a.m.

Cycling to and From School
If your child cycles to school, please remind him/her to cycle on the left and to wear a helmet. Some are cycling on the wrong side of the road on the way home and sometimes 2 or 3 abreast. This is unsafe and we want all our road users to be safe! Some advice from the Road Safety Authority:

  • Never cycle in the dark without adequate lighting – white for front, red for rear
  • Always wear luminous clothing such as hi-vis vests, fluorscent armbands and reflective belts so that other road users can see you
  • Wear a helmet
  • Make sure you keep to the left. Always look behind and give the proper signal before moving off, changing lanes or making a turn
  • Follow the rules of the road, never run traffic lights or weave unpredictably in and out of traffic
  • Maintain your bike properly – in particular, your brakes should work properly and your tyres should be inflated to the right pressure and be in good condition
  • Respect other road users – stop at pedestrian crossings; don’t cycle on the footpath
  • Watch your speed, especially when cycling on busy streets and going downhill
  • Steer well clear of left-turning trucks: let them turn before you move ahead

Homework Club
Homework club will finish this Thursday 17th October for the Halloween break and resume on Monday, 4th November.

Drop Off Zone
Please remember that this area in the mornings is only designed for you to drop and go. If you need to get out of your car at all or if you need to wait for any reason, please park elsewhere. Thank you very much for your cooperation.

Lost Property?
There is still some left, please come and have a look in the front porch. Please check that your child’s name is on their property. Thank you.

Halloween Hike
As in previous years we will be dressing up for Halloween, this year on the morning of Friday October 25th.  This year we will be ‘hiking’ from the school down to the old school and back. If the weather is bad we will do it indoors as in previous years. Please see enclosed sponsorship card and we would be very grateful for your support as always.

School will be closed on Wednesday, 23rd October for teacher inservice in Portlaoise and school will close at the usual times on Friday, 25th October for the Halloween break.