Newsletter 16th June

For the first time in many weeks, we have been notified of a case of Covid. This is an opportune time to thank you all for your excellent cooperation with public health measures during the past couple of years. We know that it was difficult at times for all concerned and we appreciate in particular those parents who informed us of cases. It is unclear how the next school year will be affected but for now,  public health advice remains that – tested or not – if your child has symptoms, s/he should not attend school. Thank you all again.

6th Class Graduation
This will take place next Wednesday, 22nd June at 7:30 p.m. in the school. More details to follow.

School Reports
This year’s school reports are available on Aladdin. Regarding standardised test results, as in previous years it is important to note that the test is not an examination and it is unfair to make direct comparisons. Teachers gather information about your child’s learning all the time and this is part of the process. It is an indication of your child’s achievement in English (reading) and Maths.

Booklists 2022/23
Click on the class links below to view booklists (PDF format):

Junior Infants  (Ms. Twomey)

Senior Infants  (Mrs. Donnelly)

1st Class    (Ms. Goff)

2nd Class   (Ms. Cunningham)

3rd Class   (Mrs. Moriarty)
3rd Class   (Mr. Curry)

4th Class   (Ms. Hogan)

5th Class   (Mrs. Sukprasert)
5th Class   (Mr. Sweeney)

6th Class   (Mr. Sweeney)
6th Class   (Ms. Lacey)