Covid Update

While life is gradually returning to normal, in schools we remain in full pandemic mode. Unfortunately we are still very restricted in our day-to-day activities. Previously when schools were open there were around 100-400 cases per day. In the past few weeks cases have been around five times that level and schools are being affected as a result, as you may have seen in the national media.

In the seven days since our return we are aware of five of our pupils who have tested positive. These cases were almost certainly caught in the community. If you have not heard from the school or the HSE, your child was not identified as being at undue risk. However, to keep the risk of spread in schools to a minimum, close contacts of a positive case are required to stay at home. At the time of writing we have 22 pupils who cannot attend school due to being close contacts. Naturally we hope that things settle down in the coming weeks.

The risk to children themselves is low, but the risk of disruption to school life is very real. Please keep your social contacts to a reasonable minimum and try to have children play together outdoors where possible.

Yet again, I want to thank parents for your wonderful cooperation. You have been quick to inform us of positive cases and that means that we can move quickly to reduce the risk of spread. Sometimes – unfortunately – that means considerable inconvenience at short notice.

We all hope that the real progress that has been made in dealing with the pandemic continues and that this can make its way eventually into the life of the school.

In the meantime please continue to carefully follow public health guidance. We are delighted to be open for our pupils and want it to continue! Thank you all again for your support.

John Threadgold