Newsletter 31st August

Welcome back:
Welcome back to all school community and especially to our new junior infant class and our new students who have joined us throughout the school.

Opening Times:
School starts each morning at 9:15pm (different arrangements are in place for junior infants). Please note that the Board of Management provides supervision for pupils as they wait in line (at the rear of the school) from 9:05am, but not before then.

Contact details:
Please notify the office if there has been any change to your details or those of your nominated emergency contact.

Please ensure that you have the most recent version of Aladdin installed so that you are in receipt of notifications from the school.

Allergies / EpiPens / Asthma:
Please ensure that we have the most up to date information on your child’s medical needs and that we have access to epi pens and inhalers where required.

School Tracksuits:
Tracksuits ordered during the summer are now available. Tracksuits will be given directly to your child as payments are received through Aladdin. If you have any queries, please contact Mary at the front office. PE days will be notified by the class teachers in due course.

We encourage the eating of healthy lunches.
Several children in the school have an allergy to nuts. Since this condition can be life threatening, please help in minimising the risk to these children:
1. Do not include nuts in school lunches.
2. Avoid giving peanut butter, Nutella etc.
3. Remind your child that they should not share their lunch.

We appreciate that birthdays are huge milestones in your children’s lives. However, we kindly ask that party invitations are not distributed in school (by teachers or children) as it can cause upset for children and may place undue pressure on families. Thank you for your understanding.

A word of thanks:
Thank you for the good wishes and words of support on my recent appointment as principal. I look forward to working with you and your children in the years ahead.
May I take this opportunity to offer our sincere thanks to Mr Threadgold for his service to our school and to wish him good health and happiness in retirement.

Aileen Hurley