Booklists 2023/24

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Junior Infants (Ms. Twomey)

Senior Infants (Mrs. Donnelly)

1st Class   (Ms. Goff)

2nd Class  (Ms. Cunningham)
2nd Class  (Mrs. Moriarty)

3rd Class  (Mrs. Moriarty)
3rd Class  (Mr. Curry)

4th Class (Mr. Curry)
4th Class   (Ms. Hogan)

5th Class  (Mr. Sweeney)
5th Class  (Ms. Lacey)

6th Class  (Mr. Sweeney)
6th Class  (Ms. Lacey)

Newsletter 19th June

Reports & Booklists
School reports for this year and booklists for next year will issue in the coming days. Please note that while there is still a charge for various items such as the use of Aladdin, pupils personal accident insurance etc. (detailed in booklists), the cost of books and copies will be covered by the publicly funded ‘free books’ scheme so the total amount will be less than in previous years.

Superstars Summer Camp
Takes place from Thursday 29th June to Wednesday 5th July. Please return forms immediately as places are limited. Thank you.

A big thank you to members of the school community who have volunteered assistance of various forms during the year but wish to remain anonymous. If any of you have any uniforms in decent condition that will not be needed in future, we can make good use of them if you wish to donate. Thank you.

Amber Flag
The Pieta Amber Flag Initiative recognises the individual efforts of schools and other groups to create healthy, inclusive environments that support mental well-being. We raised ours recently!

Cúl Camps
GAA summer camp being held in Ballylinan again this year.
Details and booking.

Thank You
As my time in Ballylinan draws to a close, there are many people that I would like to thank. Firstly, all the pupils I have worked with here who have provided me with so many fun and educational moments. The pupils here are the best behaved and most kind and considerate of all the pupils I have taught – take a bow! Thanks to the members of the Board of Management who volunteer their services for the good of the school; to you parents who support the school and who have been so good to work with; to those who give their time to the Parents Association; to those of you who have had kind words for me recently; to the ancillary staff of the school for all their work that’s done so well; to members of various local sports clubs and community groups for their help and encouragement; to Fr. Shelley and the dedicated people of Arles Parish.

I especially want to thank all the staff of the school (past as well as present) for their superb work and for all the dedication and exceptional care and attention that they give to your children. The positive, supportive and fun atmosphere in this school is simply a joy to behold. It has been an honour to serve as principal in Ballylinan and I will take with me so many of my happiest memories. I would like to warmly congratulate Mrs. Hurley on her appointment and wish her every success. The school will be in very good hands and I know that you will continue your very valued support in the coming years.

Thank you and God bless you all.

Summer Arrangements
Remember that school closes on Wednesday, 28th June for the summer holidays (12:15 for Infants and 12:30 for all others). We reopen for all pupils on Wednesday, 30th August. See our 2023/24 Calendar.

Thank you for your support as always,

John Threadgold