School Reopening (Update 13th August)

Dear Parents,

We will be taking a calm, cautious and common-sense approach to our reopening. The main thing you need to know right now is that school will run mostly as normal but with some important changes. These will be kept to a minimum and we will let you know when the time is right.

Because our advice keeps being updated, we don’t want to give you information now only to have to change it and cause confusion.

We anticipate very little or no change to opening and closing times.

There can be speculation about schools on social media; this is unhelpful. Please ignore it. This website will always have the most up-to-date information directly related to our school.

We will begin to issue details for you next week. In the meantime, if there is an exceptional issue relating to your child or family situation of which we need to be aware, you are welcome to email us with any concerns.

The restrictions announced recently for Laois, Kildare and Offaly have not changed our plans. We are on course to reopen for all pupils on the 27th. I’m hopeful that once we are up and running, we will be able to settle into our new routines quite quickly.

It’s important that we all follow public health advice so that our schools can reopen and stay open.

We can’t wait to see all of our pupils again!