Newsletter 21st November 2018

Parent-Teacher Meetings
The meetings will be held over 2 days next week; Tuesday 27th & Thursday 29th November. Every parent has been allocated specific times for their children that will make it possible to meet a number of teachers (if necessary) in one visit. You should have received a separate note informing you of the details. It is important that parents arrive on time for their appointment.

Homework Club
There will be no homework club next week (26th– 30thNovember).

Parents Association AGM
This meeting took place on Monday 12th November in the school. Many thanks to those who were in attandence. We are lucky to have such a well-meaning and supportive group of parents in this school!

Aistear Programme for Infants
Our Infant Classes are taking part in the Aistear programme. Aistear is an initiative for learning through play. As part of this, they visited the ‘pop-up café’ in the old school where they could practice their reading and social skills, all while having some fun! Thanks to those staff involved in organising and helping.

Staff News
Congratulations again to the new Mrs. Donnelly (formerly Ms. Farrell) on her recent marriage. We have ‘lost’ two Ms. Farrells in the space of a few months!

Attendance & Punctuality
It is important to use the ‘Record of Absence’ notes towards the back of the Student Journal if your child has been absent or is going to be absent from school. This is the best way to inform your child’s teacher who needs to know the reason for any absence. Please ensure that your child is on time for school in the mornings and if s/he needs to leave early do let us know in advance. Thank you for your cooperation.

Christmas Carol Service
Pupils from 1st– 6thClasses will be taking part in a Carol Service in Ballylinan Church on the nights of Tuesday 11thand Wednesday 12thDecember. Due to the large numbers involved, we will divide the children into two groups, one on each night. Details to follow.

Ballylinan N.S. Food Appeal
Following on from last year’s efforts we will be holding our food appeal again this Christmas. We’ll issue further details in the coming weeks.

Thank You
For your support as always!

Newsletter 7th November 2018

Parent-Teacher Meetings
These are an important chance to have a chat with your child’s teacher about his/her progress. They will be held on the afternoons of Tuesday 27thand Thursday 29thNovember. Details to follow.

Parents Association AGM
This meeting will take place on Monday 12th November at 7:30 pm in the school. Your support for this meeting would be much appreciated.

School Calendar 2019
The Parents Association is in the process of organising the school calendar for 2019 which will include photographs of all the class groups.  Organisations or companies wishing to take out an advertisement should contact Wendy Donoghue, Jane Morrin or the school office.  Cost €25 / €40, payable in advance before 30thNovember. Thank you for your support.

First Communion 2019
As previously notified, this will take place on Saturday, 25thMay. Please note that the following Monday, 28thMay is a normal day and children are expected to be in school on the day.

Frása na Seachtaine: Tá sos fliuch ann.Very appropriate for this week! Perhaps also Bhí sos fliuch ann and Beidh sos fliuch ann!  You can play around a little with these; Tá an bóthar fliuch. Tá sé ag cur báistí (go trom). Tá uisce ar an mbóthar. etc.etc. In this country we can’t be stuck for words to use on this subject!

Gritting of Roads
We have been advised by Laois County Council that road gritting and salting for the approcah roads to the school has been confirmed on the schedule of works by the Area Engineer for 2018. We hope that this will result in an improvement in road conditions during icy spells.

Now that winter has arrived there tends to be more cars at the school in the mornings and evenings. We remind you of the need to be patient and considerate to ensure safe and convenient parking for all. If you are using the ‘overflow’ car park to the rear of the school in the evenings, please drive slowly and be vigilant. Thank you.