Newsletter 27th June 2018

6th Class Graduation
Graduation ceremony for 6th Class will be held in the Dunne Sourke Hall tonight (Wednesday June 27th) at 7.30 pm. Please note that the hall will be exceptionally warm this evening. I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of all the school staff to wish each and every one of our departing pupils well for the rest of their schooldays and the rest of their lives.

 Super Troopers Summer Camp
Fun-filled activity camp will take place from Monday – Friday (2nd – 6th) July. A few places still available; please contact the school.

Teachers 2018/2019

 Junior Infants                       Mrs.        M. Kavanagh
Junior Infants                       Ms.          S. Twomey
Senior Infants                       Ms.          L. Cunningham
1st Class                                     Ms.          F. Brennan
1st / 2nd Class                          Ms.          T. Farrell
2nd / 3rd Class                         Ms.          M.E. Goff
3rd Class                                    Ms.          B. Kiernan
4th Class                                    Ms.          C. Hogan
4th / 5th Class                          Ms.          E. Hayden
5th Class                                    Ms.          E. Julian
6th Class                                    Mrs.        A. Hurley

Special Education  Teachers:
Mrs. C. Browne
Mrs.  P. Connolly
Ms. C. Cotter  (Deputy Principal)
Ms. G. Curran
Ms. S. Farrell

End of Year
As we approach the end of another year I would like to thank all those who help to keep the school running so well, including those who volunteer their time and efforts in many ways, members of the Board of Management and the Parents Association. I especially want to thank the staff for their hard work and for all the dedication and the exceptional care and attention that they give to your children. I hope that during the summer you all find some time for yourselves to rest and relax.

Remember school closes on Friday, 29th June for the summer holidays (12:20 for Infants and 12:30 for all others). We reopen for all pupils on Wednesday, 29th August

John Threadgold

Gardening Ms Brennan’s 1st/2nd Class 207 2018

Ms. Brennan’s 1st and 2nd class had great fun in the garden this year.  The children grew a variety of vegetables from seed.  This week they were delighted to be harvesting their crops.  The children have learned a lot about the vegetables they grew.  They made sure to mind them and they watered them daily.  Well done everybody!

Newsletter 20th June 2018

6th Class Graduation
Graduation ceremony for 6th class will be held in the Dunne Sourke Hall on Wednesday June 27th at 7.30 pm. The Parents Association would be very appreciative of volunteers to help on the night. Please contact the school. Thank you.

Tin Whistle
Reminder: both groups on Thursdays from now on.

All children took part in gymnastics coaching over the past two weeks. Great fun was had and the children displayed what they have learned in the hall today. Special thanks to Rosemary O’Sullivan for her work.

School Tour Season
Infants enjoyed their tour yesterday. 1st & 2nd classes will travel on Wednesday 27th June with all other classes travelling the day before (Tuesday 26th). Details from class teachers.

Super Troopers Summer Camp
Fun-filled activity camp will take place from Monday – Friday (2nd – 6th) July.
A few places still available; please contact the school.

End of Year Reports
Your child’s report will be posted today. The envelope will include:

  1. School Report 2017/18
  2. Leaflet with explanation of standardised tests (1st – 6th classes)

Please note that the test is not an examination and it is unfair to make direct comparisons. Teachers gather information about your child’s learning all the time and this is part of the process. It is an indication of your child’s achievement in English (reading) and Maths. Please read the last paragraph of the leaflet carefully.

3. 2018/2019 Book List
4. Receipt for voluntary contribution 17/18
5. Book rental/school payment envelope.

Your child’s report is an official document, please keep it safely.

Young Authors
Well done to some of our authors who took part in the ‘Write a Book’ project recently: Robyn Dowdall who received a merit award and Tommy Knowles, Maimoona Ferozi and Cathasaigh Curtis who were highly commended. Well done to their teachers too!

Special Olympian
Congratulations to Niamh Condron from Ballylinan who won two bronze medals in Special Olympics recently!

 Parking at the School
Thank you for parking in an orderly fashion at the school. Please remember that the drop-off area is only for that purpose; no double parking in that area is allowed because then children have to walk between cars which can be dangerous. Allow plenty of time if at all possible!

Croke Park
Well done to Darragh Loughman who performed really well in Croke Park at half time in the recent Laois-Carlow match. Hopefully many more Ballylinan footballers will grace the turf in the years and decades to come!

Jersey Day
Best of luck to Laois on Sunday. We will be having a jersey day in school this Friday. Laois colours desirable. Other county colours acceptable. Some county colours tolerated (at best)!!!

Closing for Summer
Remember school closes on Friday, 29th June for the summer holidays (12:20 for Infants and 12:30 for all others). We reopen for all pupils on Wednesday, 29th August.




6th class retreat to Glendalough

On Thursday 14th June, 6th class went on a spiritual retreat to Glendalough, Co. Wicklow. We took part in a pilgrimage around the valley and lakes with Fr. Pat and Sr. Margaret. Afterwards, Fr. Shelly said mass under a tree. We really enjoyed the trip. Here are some things we learned…

St. Kevin was a monk who set up a monastery in Glendalough. This year, celebrates the 1400th year since his death – Laura

The round tower is standing for over 1000 years. -Erick

One of the monasteries had a sanctuary cross on the stone wall and there was a church just for women. – Mackenzie.

When St. Kevin was praying a black bird landed on his hand and he didn’t want to disturb the bird so he left it there. The bird laid an egg and he waited for it to hatch.  It took 42 days. – Alan

The lower lake is known as The Lake of Healing or Monster Lake. St. Kevin is said to have met a monster there and he tamed it. We released the “monsters” inside us into the lake by letting the water flow through our hands. – Anna

St. Kevin was taking care of an orphaned baby. He had no milk to feed him so he prayed to God. A deer came down from the hills and St. Kevin milked it into a hollow in a stone, now called the ‘Deer Stone’. – Mikey

We all prayed for those who are suffering by placing our hand on a high cross. – Amy